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Hi Everyone,

I welcome you to rasalvastore.com. You will find copies of new books and a few copies of very old books here. I have made a real effort to get what ever audiobook versions I could find, since I know they are a bit difficult to find in a traditional book store. I will keep adding items as I find them, including shirts and hats and other non-books items.

Thanks for coming by, I look forward to seeing you again.


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  1. Chris Z says:

    Hi Diane,

    I’m a huge Canadian Fan of Bob’s work and have found some books that I would be very happy to order from your store to as Bob posted the link on Reddit. However there wasn’t an option for Shipping to Canada. Is it possible to order books from your site and have them shipped to Canada?

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Chris,

      At this moment I am looking into that. I can not believe how expensive it is to ship outside of the states, but I am trying to find the cheapest method and get it up. I should have some answers in the next day or two.

      Thanks for your interest.


      • RASalvaStore says:

        So, I was able to work it out and get shipping to Canada set up on the store. You should be able to select it when you get to that part of the check-out process. If you have an issue please let me know at contact@rasalvastore.com

        Thanks for taking the time to contact me.


  2. tom stevens says:

    I have been a fan for a long time and am very glad to see that there is a place where you can order the books directly from one site… when I was in the army stationed in Germany it was very hard to get books much less order them on the internet because it was very new.. this is a great way for my brothers and sisters in arms to be able to still order the books they want as they come out while they are far away from their families and homes.. just another way to bring civilization to soldiers who are displaced in un-civilized locations of the world.. would love to see some items like hats and shirts… maybe even book marks in the store.. that would be a great edition to my collection of Drizzt books..
    tom stevens

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hey Tom,

      I am in the process of getting some Clan Battlehammer softball shirts, tee shirts and hats up in the store. I expect the details will be ironed out by end of next week. I love the book mark idea, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

      Diane Salvatore

  3. Stanley Applebee says:

    I’ve been a fan of R A SALVATORE, for along time, but I’ve let myself get out of touch with his books. hopefully this site will remedy that. S.Applebee

  4. darkelfprince says:

    This is a great site for all drizzt fans .cant wait for my hat.thanx diane and bob

  5. Jake says:

    Just take my money.

  6. Daniel Nunez says:

    I have been a fan for many years now, when I found these books I rediscovered my love for reading. I’ve been collecting the new covers in hard back and I have been unable to find Servant of the Shard with the Todd Lockwood in hard back. If you could help me find one it would be awesome! Thank you for for all the adventures!

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Daniel,

      I am so glad that you found you love of reading once again. I checked around here and sadly we only have our family copies with that cover, but I will keep my eyes open and let you know should one pop up. I do travel quite often and usually end up in smaller bookstores so, you never know. Thanks for contacting us.


    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Daniel, Check the store. I have one hard cover copy of Servant of the Shard in stock. It’s been there all along, lol. I should have checked before I answered before.


  7. David Cribbs says:

    I just read Gauntlgrim and I wept when me King died. And that smelly Pwent too. But it was a great book and I canno wait to read the next.

  8. David Godsey says:

    Hi Diane
    Can you get the books personalized and signed?

  9. Anthony Bradshaw says:

    Hey there –

    I am trying to order The Companions. I want it to be personalized. i know there there is a fill in tab to write something in there. Do I need to just write what I want him to write on there or just my name?

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Anthony,

      The answer to your question is not quite black or white. You can write something in the tab if you have a specific thing that you wish for him to sign there. An example of that would be “To Anthony, Happy Birthday!” or if you want it to be more from him then maybe something like, “To Anthony, (please write something of your choosing)”. In either case it will be signed with the author signature.

  10. Ron Frazier says:

    I just ordered a signed/personalized copy of The Companions (and a Clan Battlehammer jersey) and I didn’t know what to put in the editable field besides my name so, please, feel free to go crazy.

    I wanted to tell you that 20 years ago, I did not enjoy reading until my best friends went to a used book store and bought me Homeland. I didn’t know books could be so entertaining! You’re one of my heroes to this day and I have an extensive collection of your paperbacks that I hope my children will read one day.

    Do a screen play! I want to see Drizzt and Bruenor on the big screen!

  11. Jerry says:

    A clan battlehammer shirt would rock or the gutbuster brigade. And I’d like a big nook like the size of a family Bible can u redirect me to a site where I can order that

  12. Amber Edney says:

    Hi going to order a personalized book just wondering what shipping times to Canada are like?

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Amber,

      I just checked the time frame on my last two orders that I shipped to Canada took between six and eight days from here to their final destination. I have no control over exactly how long it will take and it depends on the exact shipping method chosen. I hope this was helpful.


  13. Russell says:

    Been a fan of R.A. Salvatore for almost 10 years, these books are what opened me up to reading. havent got around to completing my collection im really glad i stumbled across this site, and when i saw the graphic novels for the dark elf trilogy i just had to get it even though i got my paperbacks of it, excited for it to come in. Looking forward to completing my collection and looking into other series, just had to stop by say you guys are amazing!, this site almost seems too good to be true!

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