Hi and welcome to my store,

Here you will find copies of new books and a few copies of very old books. I have made a real effort to get what ever audiobook versions I could find, since I know they are a bit difficult to find in a traditional book store and I have been adding comics and graphic novels as well. We have been including shirts and hats and other non-books items, as we find them.

If you need any help you can contact me at rasalvastore@gmail.com or at contact@rasalvastore.com

Thanks for coming by, I look forward to seeing you again,


10 comments on “Welcome
  1. James Pratt says:

    Looking to purchase the following: Night of the Hunter (signed) and The Companions: The Sundering Book 1

    But I am unable to locate Night of the Hunter on the website. Please help

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi James,
      You can get them on the website, but when I am out of stock they don’t show up. Keep checking back as I put them up as soon as I get the next shipment in. They are currently available.


  2. Jerry says:

    Where can I get a Drizzt shirt? Preferably with wulfgar on it. Or entreei. No jarlaxle! I need one!

  3. Angel Grajeda says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to purchase everything!!!! A Drittz shirt would be awesome!!!

  4. Angel Grajeda says:

    I would also love to own autographed copies of the books.

  5. Angel Grajeda says:

    Greatest author ever!

  6. rich somers says:

    When does the 2nd book to the companions come out?

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Rich,
      The next book is called

        The Night of the Hunter: Companions Codex, book 1

      and it just came out yesterday. We have them in stock if you want a signed copy, or you could pick one up at your local bookstore, or your local library.


  7. Jacquelyn Silveira says:

    Hey Diane!

    I sent you an email about the latest book and how I needed it for my awesome stubborn mother.. I still can’t find it on here, either mory phone is not allowing me or I am too slow and you’re out of stock again! 🙁

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Hi Jacquelyn,

      I did run out again, but I got another shipment in, so it’s back up again.


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