Hi and welcome to my store,

We are back from a visit with our kids at Walt Disney World, weary but happy! Bob is busy finishing up the book for next March and I am gearing up for pre-orders for Rise of the King due out on 8/5/14.

I have been adding comics,graphic novels, and audiobook versions as they come out (or as they turn up, I have lots of boxes around here). We have been including shirts and hats and other non-books items, as we find them.

If you need any help or have any questions at all, you can contact me at rasalvastore@gmail.com or at contact@rasalvastore.com

Thanks for coming by, I look forward to seeing you again,


4 comments on “Welcome
  1. Timothy Holland says:

    I will be buying my mother a present (Bday), A Readers Guide to the Legend of Drizzt by Philip Athans. I was wondering what the “personalised” option is. A message from RA Salvatore(which i shouldnt have to write anything for), or a personalised message from me, written by Mr. Salvatore(why i cant i just write it? if its from me) and whether its signed or not? also, postage to Australia(i dont buy much online) if its required or not.

    If you could answer any of this, I would appreciate a reply.

    Thank you

  2. David says:

    Hello just a quick question. I will be buying Rise of the king off of your website (personalized) . Will the book be relased in August or September ? And can I order my copy now?

    • RASalvaStore says:

      Thanks for contacting me. The ship date of Rise of the King is September 30, 2014. I will be shipping all orders on that date. You certainly can order it now.

  3. Rosa Prosek says:

    Is there any way to get The Cleric Quintet personalized? Also, I can’t find any way to order anything on this site. What am I doing wrong?

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