Exciting happenings!

Welcome to my store, I am so happy you came to check us out! I have some pretty exciting news to share.

First, DemonWars: Reformation RPG Core Rules is at the printer. Ordering from this store is the fastest way to get a copy if you’re not a Kickstarter backer. It will be shipped right after GenCon 2014. The original World of Corona novella The Education of Brother Thaddius is in the core rules book.

This project has been a labor of love from the minds and hearts of Bob, Bryan and Geno. The gaming group has been playing DemonWars: Reformation since January of last year, and the roars coming from the game room have been loud! During the early part of development we were going through reams and reams of paper since, with each set of rules changes, whole sections needed to be re-printed. Then, the after game analysis amongst the group kept everybody standing around in deep discussion which resulted in more changes. It was an eye-opening experience for me because I have never seen what goes into developing a game before, and also very exciting because I love watching the creativity flow around here. It’s inspiring, to say the least.

Second, Bob will be at GenCon 2014. You can check his R.A. Salvatore Facebook page or my Rasalvastore Facebook page for the full schedule. I will post it there as soon as it is finalized. Unfortunately, the DemonWars: Reformation Core Rules will not be available at GenCon 2014. Printing schedules didn’t work out.

And finally, there will be an October book tour, which will be posted on both Facebook pages once the details are finalized.


14 comments on “Exciting happenings!
  1. Matthew Laforest says:

    The crystal shard item when I try to buy it and personalize it there is no box for me to put what I want the personalization comments to go. There are for the demon wars but not for the other.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Starting a bookstore/hobby shop in Littleton, CO and am interested in purchasing some of your items to sell. What do I need to supply to you to be able to sell your items in our store? Also, I am thinking about purchasing some of the e-signing books and selling them ( hoping to offer something a big bookstore chain or Amazon does not ) if that would be ok with you.

  3. Dan De Franco says:

    Sono fan dei loro libri
    Mi e piaciuto tanto The Companion ma in
    Lingua spagnola. Non ho trovato la traduzione ho va

  4. Kelsey Wood says:

    Hello! I know you guys are insanely busy and I hate to bother, but I was just wondering when you might restock the Clan Battlehammer t-shirts? I was hoping to find an Adult Small.
    Thank you!!

  5. Nicholas Lim says:

    Hi! I’m interested in buying both the print and PDF. Can you work out a bundle deal?

  6. Solomon Beck says:

    I’m looking to replace all my forgotten realms drizzt books from paperback to hard cover. Is there a way to buy them directly from you or do I have to wait for them to be posted to the store? Thank you I’m a huge fan

  7. Jason Williams says:

    I was hoping u might have a replica of Drizzt swords twinkle and icing death or even a really good pic or drawing of them

  8. Stephen Motuel says:

    Hi Diane and me King.. Its about time you guys took a nice holiday in Germany, and bring some books with you! postage is a real killer from the states! 😉 this store is a great idea! keep up the great work!


  9. Austin Jex says:

    Hello Mr. Salvatore

    It was great having you at Salt Lake Comic-con This year. I am enjoying going through your Demon Wars Core book that I bought from you there. I enjoyed reading the Demon Wars Saga, and I am excited to see what the game will bring. Thanks for writing the best character ever Drizzt. I have enjoyed the many adventures that Drizzt,Gwenevere,Bruener,Regis,Wulfgar,and Catabrie have taken me on. I have patterned all my Drow D&D characters after him. He has also been known to play an NPC in a campaign as an Easter egg try and see if my players notice thing. I have missed Gwenevere almost cried at the demise any way we will ever see her again? Again thanks for your warm greeting and great panels hope to see you again next year.

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