It’s finally summer in New England, yay! This is my favorite time of year. The length of the days make it feel like there is time for everything; work, gardening and reading, lots of reading and a little bit of gaming too. If you like gaming you can check out the page I started for DemonWars RPG. Here’s a link: https://www.facebook.com/demonwarsrpg. Feel free to share stories or photos from your games there.

I have just opened the pre-order for Forgotten Realms: Archmage: Homecoming Book 1 which will be shipped on Sept 1, 2015. You can still order Forgotten Realms: Vengeance of the Iron Dwarf: Companions Codex 3  and a host of other hardcovers, paperbacks and other products if you are looking for some vacation reading.

I am also adding items to the section From The Vault. Poke around in there now and again you might find something interesting. Going through the stuff we have around here is quite a trip, even Bob is surprised by some of the items.

Softball season is in full swing now so check in on his Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/RA-Salvatore/54142479810 if you want to keep up with the antics of Clan Battlehammer.


8 comments on “Welcome!
  1. Michael Praetorius says:

    How do I pre-order Homecoming Book 1? I have read the “exciting news” yet have not been able to figure out how to do it. Pardon my ignorance, but could you please assist me?

  2. Mark R Miele says:

    Is there a new book Rage of Demons coming out in the fall? I saw it somewhere but can’t find it on your website or Amazon.com. I do not want to miss anything. Respectfully, Mark R Miele

  3. Matt Barnes says:

    Can’t wait for archmage! I just started Demonwars and that’s a great series also. Thanks for all the great tales.

  4. Ben Gresham says:

    I am quite excited to meet you at the Salt Lake Comiccon. I have been reading your work since I was a little kid. Thanks for all the memories. You have been a huge part of my life and helped shape who I am today.

  5. Michael Praetorius says:

    I pre-ordered Archmage but forgot to ask it to be personalized. Can I possibly get it done by asking here? I would just like him to say to Michael, From Bob. Maybe something “Drizzty”. I have been a BIG fan from the beginning of his career.

  6. Ronald Salam says:

    Could you tell me when your next book signings in the Worcester area is going to be and the time that you will be there from please. I have been a devoted fan of yours from 2004 to the present and would really like to get to meet you in person, I have stuck by drizzt since the beginning, his story is one that I can relate to drizzt and myself have had to come from a dark past of unsurity and wondering how to get out of a dark depressing time in my life, I’m also a good friend of Rosanne, who has known me since I was a five years old.

  7. karen lee says:

    I would love to put my short story in a book of short stories how can I do that

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