Summer fun!

Hi there!

We’ve made it past Independence Day and we are in the full swing of summer, my favorite time of year!

There are a few cool things to share. I have Hero  up for pre-order, it will ship on October 25, 2016. Also, on you can get kindle versions of The Spearwielder’s Tales and The Crimson Shadow trilogies. I still have some copies of these books in print versions, but once they are gone they will not be available in print any longer.

Bob will be making a few appearances at conventions this year. You can check my pinterest page to find out details.

Have a terrific summer!


3 comments on “Summer fun!
  1. Mike says:

    Any paper copies of the spearwielders tales or crimson shadow trilogy left?

  2. Kate swift says:

    What books are still available signed

  3. Brenna Mahoney says:

    I’m looking for a unique gift for someone very special for Christmas and he is a huge fan but I believe he has all the books. Can you suggest or recommend something?

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