Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to health and happiness! Bob just finished the first book of The Coven, his new series for Tor books. Look for Bloodmoon (tentatively) in early 2018!

I want to make you aware that from 1/1/2017 through 2/20/2017 Bob won’t be available to personalize books. We still have signed only copies, but if you want one personalized it won’t be shipped until 2/20/2017. Sorry about any inconvenience that may cause, but it couldn’t be helped.

Thanks again for your business, we truly appreciate it!


3 comments on “Happy New Year!
  1. Jeff says:

    Hello I was wondering if the dark elf trilogy is available in hardcover? Thanks

  2. John Kraut says:

    I was wondering if the sellswords trilogy omnibus was ever made in hardcover. I really, really want one if so. Any help is, as always, much appreciated. Thank, John F Kraut.

  3. Donald "Scott" Dubord says:

    I’ve been reading your books almost my whole life. I’ve spent many hours traveling, and adventuring with the Companions, Artemis, Jarlaxle, and the many others from your writing. I’ve laughed, cried, fought battles, mourned, and celebrated over the many years of travels you’ve shared. Drizzt even kept me company as I sat with my mom in the last hours of her life. She was my inspiration, guide, and best friend in life; who gave to me, my love of reading! Every time that I read one of your books, I think of her and know that she is reading along with me…enjoying the adventures as much as I! I’ve recently managed to hunt down a full hard cover set of the Stone of Tymora trilogy; which I am about to start reading. I look forward to the journey. I recently finished reading HERO; and hope to read about Drizzt and Zaknafein being reunited; and the many adventures and journeys yet embarked upon. THANK YOU for the many years you have given as a writer; and all that you have shared!

    Thank You,

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