Chronicles of Ynis Aielle

The Chronicles of Ynis Aielle started with Echoes of the Fourth Magic which was actually the very first novel penned by R.A. Salvatore.

Although the first book Bob wrote, it wasn’t the first published. This was the novel that Mary Kirchoff picked out of the slush pile at TSR back in 1987. She liked the writing enough to see if it could be converted to the Forgotten Realms setting. It couldn’t. After an audition involving a detailed outline and a few sample chapters R.A. was hired to write the second ever Forgotten Realms novel and his first published novel, The Crystal Shard and for a time The Chronicles of Ynis Aielle were put aside. After The Halfling’s Gem was published ROC books published Echoes of the Fourth Magic and the sequel The Witch’s Daughter. The final book was written as a part of the deal with DelRey to re-release the first two books and add the final chapter, Bastion of Darkness.