The DemonWars Saga and the Saga of the First King

The DemonWars Saga is a seven-part epic exploring the fantasy world of Corona, following the adventures of many different heroes as they seek to purge the world of the dactyl demon Bestesbulzibar once and for all. Full of tragedy and heartbreak, these books are R.A. Salvatore’s most serious works and his most ambitious, covering the events of more than a generation of Corona’s history across six nations and featuring a new and unique take on gemstone-powered magic, swords-and-sorcery adventure, political intrigue, open warfare, religion and morality.

The DemonWars Saga

The First DemonWars Trilogy

The Demon Awakens, The Demon Spirit and The Demon Apostle together form a reader’s first view into the world of Corona. The Demon Awakens introduces Jilseponie Ault, Elbryan Wyndon and the monk Avelyn Desbris, as they seek to stop an invasion of evil goblins and giants from overrunning their homeland and ultimately seek to destroy their leader, the dactyl demon Bestesbulzibar. In The Demon Spirit, Elbryan and Jilseponie, with the help of the northern ranger Andacavanavar, seek to stop the rampaging armies of Bestesbulzibar, whose evil begins to seriously infect the incredibly powerful Abellican Church. The Demon Apostle brings events to a head,  as the heroes seek to purge the Church of its demonic influences.


Among R.A. Salvatore’s most personal and introspective works ever, Mortalis follows the grieving process of Jilseponie Ault and Brother Francis, the former lackey of the demon-possessed Father Abbot Markwart, as they deal with both personal bereavement and a deadly plague raging across the land. Written partly as a bridge between the two trilogies, Mortalis also introduces the To-Gai steppe nomad and Elf-trained ranger Brynn Dharielle, as well as a young ranger whose heritage promises almost unlimited power, but great potential for evil: Aydrian Wyndon, child of Jilseponie Ault and Elbryan Wyndon.

The Second DemonWars Trilogy

Ascendance follows Aydrian Wyndon as the demonic spirit within him leads to his being ostracized from his Elvish trainers and puts him on the path back into the human kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, where his mother’s prominent status and his abilities give him a foothold on great political power. Transcendence follows Brynn Dharielle as she enlists allies to free her people from the tyranny of the great southern kingdom of Behren. Immortalis brings events to a final head, where the heroes of Corona must finally purge the land of Bestesbulzibar’s influence or else watch the dactyl’s final victory over humanity.

The Saga of the First King

Set in the world of Corona centuries earlier, the Saga of the First King chronicles the early rise of the Abellican Church as a major force in the fragmented lands of Honce, as well as the unification of that land under a single king for the first time. The Highwayman follows the story of the crippled boy Bransen Garibond, barely able to walk or talk, yet heir to the mystic teachings of the Jhesta Tu and the gemstone powers of the Abellican Church, as he carves out a path for himself and those few individuals close to him. In The Ancient, Bransen and several other powerful heroes must combat the most powerful remaining leader of the older Samhaist religion, built on human sacrifice and intimidation. The Dame finally draws Bransen into the political machinations and near-continuous warfare that have ravaged Honce since before his birth, as he chooses to cast his lot with the only political leader he has yet encountered whose moral code is acceptable to him. The Bear chronicles the final battles which finally unite Honce into the kingdom of Honce-the-Bear, bringing peace for the first time in a generation.